Dating Train of Love

Enjoy your trip and meet up with your partner on the dating train!

'AREX' and '' are running the Dating Train of Love along the way.

Participants will hop on the AREX maglev train heading to Yongyoo Island of the Yellow Sea and have some opportunities to date with partners on the same train.

Sightseeing, food, culture, people, are you looking for some exciting adventure in Korea?
The DTL (Dating Train of Love) will make your day.

What is the DTL?


Departure date : 12/28 2019, 2/29 3/28 2020

The last saturday of every month : departure 10:30AM, arrival 4:30PM


Fee : 80 USD

The fee is for the transportation and the dating arrangment. Food and snack are not included.


How to make the payment

Once we confirm your application, we send you the Paypal invoice via email. Paypal, the global payment system, guarantees the safe payment.


Participants : total 30 people

The DTL needs 15 male and 15 female participants (total 30 people) for operation.

Advance reservation, 15 pairs in order of application. If the program does not have enough participants, the DTL will be postponed to the next operation.

During the trip, you will meet up three partners. The age groups vary, therefore, you will be matched with someone who is younger or older.

The DTL is for casual dating and relationship. If you are seeking serious long-term relationship, please use



The DTL refunds you 50% of the fee a week before the departure. The refund is unavailable within one week.

In case of not enough participation, the DTL refunds you : 100%


Verify the participants

You will need your passport to verify yourself, and if necessary, additional verficiation methods might be applied.

In order to provide the better event/service, from time to time, we set a limit on the number of participants.

  • How to get on board on the DTL

    오전 9시 50분 서울역 출발 - 오전 11시 10분 인천공항역 도착 - 오후 12시30분 용유도 해변 도착 - 오후 5시 서울역 도착


    Find the entrance of the second basement level of Seoul Station to take the Express train

    After receiving helps of the tour managers of Sunoo at the entrance of the second basement level, go down to take the train.

    NEVER, EVER, go down to the seventh basement level!!

    gathering at the entrance of the express train (the second basement level of the Seoul Station)


    Take the AREX at the seventh basement level of Seoul Station

    Your seat will be decided by lot. We send you your seat number via text message the day before the event.

    Ladies will be seated on the window side, and respectively, gentlemen near the aisle.

    ♥ Dating 1 : with the first partner

    The one who sits next to you will be your 'first partner'. Your first date with your partner will occur until 10 minutes before the train towards Incheon airport arrives.

    This short trip is a great opportunity for conversation and ice breakers while enjoying a comfortable ride to the next station! This period gives you one-on-one time with your partner whom you are meeting for the first time.


    Arrival to the Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport with the second partner

    ♥ Dating 2 : Lunch

    The conversation with your second partner begins 5 minutes before arrival to Incheon Airport.

    As you arrive to the Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport, you will have snack or tea time with the second partner.
    Find some newly-opened Korean/bakery/fast food restaurants in the Terminal 2.

    As it is you and your partner to meet up the first time, simple snacks will be better for you.

    Please note that fees for snacks and meals are not included.

    We recommend you split the bill.


    Moving to the Seaside Park (by bus) from Incheon Airport with the third partner

    ♥ Dating 3

    You will meet up with a new partner as you gather together after the meal.

    You will move to the Seaside Park by bus with your third partner.

    It takes 30 minutes to get to the location. Please note that the time for conversation can be short.

    Please feel free to share your contact information. If you don’t want to part company, please mutually share contact information to get in touch with her/him after the event.


    Seaside Park with the fourth partner : taking the rail bike

    ♥ Dating 4

    When you arrive at Seaside Park, you will date with your fourth partner. Your tour guide will be ready to guide you.

    You will spend 40-50 minutes with your partner as you enjoy the rail bike.

    Enjoy the romantic time at the railroad and seaside.

    Ladies in high heels might not be easy to enjoy the bike. But no problem, because genlemen are ready to pedal!


    Dating with the fifth partner : Seaside Park → Incheon Airpot Terminal 1

    ♥ Dating 5

    Now it is time to go back to Seoul! Before jump into the bus, say hello to your fifth partner.

    It will take 30 minutes from Seaside Park to Incheon Airport Terminal 1.

    You will arrive at the Incheon Airport very quickly as you enjoy conversation with your partner.


    Leave the Incheon Airport with your sixth partner → Arrival at Seoul Station : Individual dating

    ♥ Dating 6

    Do you feel something is missing on your way to home? But this special trip has not yet been finished.

    Enjoy the special conversation with the sixth partner!

    The one last dating starts 30 minutes before arrival to Seoul Station

    You might find some difficulties to enjoy the conversation with a certain partner. But do your best for the partner. Pay attention to your partners, and enjoy the conservation. Then you will see the result.

    Application to the Dating Train of Love

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