Dating Train of Love in Korea

Singles living or staying in Korea will have an opportunity to have a six-hour trip by airport-train and maglev train heading to the seashore of Yongyoo Island.
This is a special travel to find an idealized partner as you will meet 4~6 ladies/gentlemen on the train and the seashore.
This delightful day long trip will let you enjoy the “train meeting” and the open vista of the Yellow Sea.

The meeting train is provided by AREX (Airport Railroad EXpress) and matchmaking company

[Date and Time]
8/26, 9/23, 10/28, 11/25, 12/23
Participants must gather at Seoul Station by 09:50AM.
The train will be heading Incheon Airport.

Application to the Dating Train of Love


* Registration → reservation is necessary, and all the participants must bring passport.

* Fee (60,000 won) → We receive credit cards and cash. The fee includes transportation and meeting arrangement, does not include drinks and food. Refund is unavailable within a week before the event.

The one-day trip in which you can enjoy travel and dating

9:50AM leaving the Seoul Station - 11:10AM arriving to the Incheon Airport Station - 12:30PM arriving to the Yongyoo Island beach - 5PM arriving to the Seoul Station



Please input your profile and the date you want to participate in the application form and click “Application.”


Confirmation of the date and the payment

Your matchmaker will confirm the date of your participation and let you know the schedule.

The participation fee can be paid via credit card, Paypal and credit transfer.



Please go down to the second basement level of Seoul Station to take the Express train heading to Incheon airport.

NEVER, EVER, go down to the seventh basement level!

After receiving helps of the couple managers of Sunoo at the entrance of the second basement level, go down to take the train. Some participants in the previous events mistakenly have entered to the seventh basement level directly, but NEVER, EVER, go down to the seventh basement level!


Walk to the seventh basement level of Seoul Station

Your seat number will be sent to you via text message or email the day before the event. Ladies will be seated on the window side, and respectively, gentlemen near the aisle.

Walk to the seventh basement level of Seoul Station

♥ The First Date

Your first date with your partner will occur until 10 minutes before the train towards Incheon airport arrives.

This short trip is a great opportunity for conversation and ice breakers while enjoying a comfortable ride to the next station!

This period gives you one-on-one time with your partner whom you are meeting for the first time.

The First Date

♥ Meeting with the second partner

From before 10 minutes of arrival to the Incheon Airport Station, you will start another conversation with your second partner.

Meeting with the second partner


Arrival to Incheon Airport with the second partner – taking the maglev train – Arrival to Masiran beach

When you arrive at Incheon Airport, the dating with the second partner will be followed as we look into the airport terminal.

Arrival to Incheon Airport

After the dating at the airport terminal, we will move on to the maglev train station.

move on to the maglev train station

As the high-tech transportation, the maglev train, which runs on 8mm above on the rail, will allow you to enjoy quiet and peaceful conversation with your partner.

You will even hear his/her heartbeat!

Tu-tum, tu-tump!

maglev train

One kilometer tracking date with the second partner, from Yongyoo Station to Marisan beach!

Gentlemen, please no dress-up! Please come in casual and everyday outfit.

♥ The third date

You will meet the third partner as we get to Masiran beach.

You will enjoy the endless sand as you walk the beach with your partner.

No facilitator will be arranged for this course. Just enjoy the course as a tourist!

Masiran beach

The lunch date with the third partner will be followed.

Enjoy your meal as you watch the ocean in restaurant near the beach.

We recommend fresh seafood noodle soup (Kalguksu) or steamed clam with unique soup (jogae-jjim)!

※ Lunch is not included in the fee.

※ Ladies and gentlemen, please go Dutch. (Feel free to choose any menu you would like to have)

fresh seafood noodle soup (Kalguksu)

steamed clam with unique soup (jogae-jjim)

♥ The fourth date

It is a good idea for you to enjoy the beach more after the lunch.

The fourth date will be started in a café near the beach.

Learn more about your partner, and enjoy a cup of cold coffee and the vista!

café near the beach


Yongyoo beach with the fifth partner – Taking the maglev train – Arrival to Incheon Airport – Departing to Seoul

♥ The fifth date

Now it is time to go back to Seoul after enjoyable conversation with the fourth partner.

The fifth partner will be waiting for you, and we will come back to Yongyoo Station.

café near the beach

We will take the maglev train and go back to Incheon Airport.

The conversation with the fifth partner will be followed in the train heading to Seoul.


The conversation with the sixth partner from before 10 minutes of arrival to Seoul Station – individual date

♥ The conversation with the sixth partner + individual date

Do you feel something is missing on your way to home?

This special trip has not yet been finished.

Enjoy the special conversation with the sixth partner!

After the conversation with the fifth partner, from before 10 minutes of arrival to Seoul Station, another conversation with the sixth partner will be started.

One of the benefits of group dating is you can meet multiple partners in a single event.

In the [Dating Train of Love], you will meet six partners.

After the six different datings, you will be able to more clearly see your ideal types; which ladies/gentlemen will be a good pair with you.

Date of arrival to Seoul Station


What about other participants whom you haven’t had a chance to meet during the event?

You will have a chance to request dating after you check the profiles and the pictures of the participants from the midnight of the event for a week.

Of course, you might be requested by other male/female participants.

You can request dating up to three times.

This will allow you to have six datings in person and to request (or be requested) three extra datings. This means, in this single event, you can actually meet all the ladies/gentlemen that we arrange for our members for one year.

It is very likely for you to find a right person for you!

couple sheet


The event is only for singles. We verify your singleness by proving participants’ identity, but after the event, it is your responsibility to check and prove his/her identity.

The participation fee of the Dating Train of Love is 60,000 won per person. The fee includes the transportation and the arrangement of the datings and does not include food and lunch.